Delta Extrax Platinum Collection Disposable Vape Bar, 1g


New from Delta Extrax, the Platinum Collection, which features an all-new innovative hemp-derived Delta-8 THC formula featuring THC-P.

With Mai Tai, you can expect to taste a fruity flavor similar to the cocktail that it’s named after. It’s very reminiscent of a summer drink with uplifting properties from the Sativa strain. However, it does incorporate some mellow properties that produce a well-balanced experience.

The Sunset Sherbet is flavored with a sweet berry and has a candy-like blend that stems from the ever-famous GSC strain. This Hybrid strain exhibits full-body effects paired with a jolt of cerebral energy for those days of just needing to clear your head and relax.


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Mai TaiSunset Sherbert

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Ingredients: Delta 8 distillate THCP Distillate & Terpenes.

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Mai Tai (Sativa), Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid)